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Product Quick Guide : Crusher Run | Gravel | Stone | Fill | Sand | Topsoil (Prices indicated - per ton)
Material Common Uses Characteristics
Crusher Run 1.5" Under building pads, bases, driveways, back filling water/sewer lines * most commonly used product. Mixture of stones 1 1/2"- dust.
Good compaction.
Poor drainage.
$12.75 $12.75 $12.00 $20.25 $12.00 $17.75
Crushed Gravel 3" Building roads, driveways, back filling garages, usually put down before crusher run. Used as a coarse base or temporary road. Mixture of stones and dirt 3"-
Good compaction.
Poor drainage.
Crusher Run 4"- Building roads, driveways, back-filling garages. Usually put down before crusher run. Used as a coarse base or temporary road Also referred to as coarse crusher run. A mixture of stones 4" -
Good compaction.
Poor drainage.
Surge Stone
8" Crusher Run)
Building road or driveway bases, for extremely muddy or wet areas. Mixture of stones 8"- to dust
Good compaction.
Poor drainage.
#1A Crushed Stone Back-filling tanks, and oil and stoning roads See table for sizes.
Fair drainage.
Poor compaction.
$18.75 $18.75 $18.75
#1 Crushed Stone Around drain tile in basements, in concrete, some oil and stone, driveways. Clean stone.
Good drainage.
Poor compaction.
$17.75 $17.75 $17.75
#2 Crushed Stone Septic systems, drain fields, any areas that need drainage. Clean stone.
Good drainage.
Poor compaction.
$17.75 $17.75 $17.75
#3 & #4 Mixed Crushed Stone Extremely muddy areas to build a base, erosion control. May also be used for drainage. Clean stone.
Good drainage.
Need a machine to move it.
$17.75 $17.75
Material Common Uses Characteristics
Gabion Stone
Erosion control, can be put in baskets or in ditches, etc.
Same material as DOT
“Light Stone Fill”
$17.75 $17.75 $25.25 $22.25
Stone Sand Ice control, put under bricks, flag stone, patios, and some horse tracks. Poor drainage.
Will compact over time.
Abrasive. 1/4” minus.
$14.00 $14.00 $12.00 $19.00
Driveway Mix “Topping” driveways when there is already a base, been known for use under bricks and patios as well. Mix of 2/3 #1 Stone and 1/3 Stone Dust. Compacts well to better hold the stone on the driveway. $14.50 $14.50 $22.00 $19.50
Cold Patch $99.95
Fill Inexpensive way of filling a low spot. Most of what is available is clay with rocks. Need a minimum of 18” deep fill. Difficult to handle.
Not recommended for users inexperienced with this product.
$4.25 $4.25 $4.25 $4.25
Select Fill Back filling garages, walls, bases of some buildings, or as a shallow fill. A very dirty Crusher Run 1 1/2 minus 20% on #200 sieve (dirt and dust). Compacts well. Will mud up on a wet day. Easy to handle.
Do not use in wet areas.
Note: Not the same as DOT Select Fill.
$6.50 $6.50 $6.50
Bank Run Gravel Bases of driveways, building pads, back filling. EZ Acres/Delphi: 6” - 8” rocks. Use heavily dependent on site conditions. $6.25 $6.25
Screened Gravel See Crushed Gravel See Crushed Gravel
(Not coarse crusher run.)
$8.50 $8.50
Material Common Uses Characteristics
#1A Round Washed Stone Seldom sold. Used for extra grit in ice control sand, or for those seeking coarse sand with very little fines. Drains O.K. $20.00 $20.00 $15.00 $15.00
#1 Round Washed Stone Same as #1 Crushed and can also be used as decorative stone. See below. $20.00 $20.00 $15.00 $15.00
#2 Round Washed Stone Same as #2 Crushed and also used as a decorative stone. Same as #2 Crushed but has rounded edges and various colors: yellow, maroon, and blue. $20.00 $20.00 $15.00 $15.00
Mason Sand Making cement for brick laying, Padding for electric lines, or as beach sand. 3/32” minus clean washed sand. A little darker brown than other mason sands, but has the same gradation. $17.25 $17.25 $12.00 $12.00
Concrete Sand $17.25 $17.25 $12.00
Screened Topsoil **
(per ton)
Growing grass. Good grade of soil removed
from farmland in Delphi.
Very little sand and clay.
$29.50 $29.50
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Delivery charges vary according to the time and distance from the material source. There are minimum charges of $10.00 weigh fee and $20.00 for loading done by our equipment (only available for trucks with DOT numbers displayed. **Between Oct. 1st and June 1st an additional $3.00 per ton is added for extra costs associated with handling topsoil that time of year. Available at Fayetteville site spring through fall (not winter).

(Prices indicated - per ton)

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